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Silly Chicken Garden Ornaments

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Silly Chicken Decor? These are wonderful outdoor statues. Thanks to the beautiful and bright colors of chicken yard art, just looking at it can make you happier. No matter where they sit, these unique and lovable chickens are sure to grab people's attention. High Quality Resin Materials - The chicken garden decor uses high quality resin materials, so there is no need to worry about product materials. Place the decorative chicken statues on garden poles outdoors.  All the chickens are the same size, about 20 x 8 cm, the size is suitable for all places as decoration, our chicken decor garden animals, each piece is individually wrapped to avoid scratches. Multifunctional Exquisite Decoration - This chicken yard art decor can be placed anywhere as an exquisite decoration. You can put the chicken yard art decor in the office, desk, living room, balcony, garden, yard, and any other places you can think of!