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Neon Til Death LED Light Wedding

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Light up your nuptials in wild, dazzling style with our Neon Til Death LED Light Wedding! This eye-catching neon masterpiece is sure to make a statement, delivering radical vibes to your special day. Show your friends and family that you plan to stay lit—forever! 💡

Product information :
Light color: warm white, white, yellow, blue, green, red, light pink, orange, ice blue, purple
Size: 612 (mm)
Shell material: acrylic
Luminous flux: 100000 (LM)
Input voltage: 220 (V)

Size Information:
Power: 60x40cm, 70x47cm
Size: 612 (mm)

Packing list:

Toner*1, Power*1, Mounting Chain*1, Advertising Nail*1