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Cat Litter Box Enclosure; Cat House Side Table; Night Stand Pet House; Indoor Cat House-White

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A cat's personality is very independent, so it needs a discreet litter box furniture and a unique space that allows the cat to feel safe and belonging, while also protecting the cat enclosure territory occupied by the dog.

Multifunctional cat litter cabinet, can be placed in the living room, bedroom, hallway or dining room, place magazines, water glasses, potted plants or lamps, as a stylish home decoration, adding warm and beautiful design to any room in the interior.

There are hollow boards and exquisite cat foot hole design on both sides to ensure good circulation of air inside and outside, so you don’t have to worry about the smell. The cat litter box furniture has fixed decorative cat holes, allowing cats to come in and out as they like, or open the plug door to put cat litter Basin and cat litter.


Adds warmth and handsome design to any room in the home. Use as a nightstand or side table; doubles as a pet house or litter box enclosure. A decorative cat hole is fixed on the cat door; allowing your cat to come in and out at will. The interior can also be accessed by opening the hinged door to insert a pet bed and litter box if required. The cat house is equipped with a large table top; perfect for holding magazines; potted plants; lamps; coasters and drinking glasses and glasses. The wood is painted in classic espresso; adding a handsome and luxurious feel to the room. Hide your litter box or give your precious pet a wonderful home with the best decorative cat houses on the internet.